AIAB SRL, was founded in 2019 promoted by the Italian Organic Agriculture Association, with the aim of providing services related to the promotion and development of organic agriculture.

This service company promoted by AIAB, a social promotion association that has existed for more than 30 years in the field of organic farming, aims to develop and manage services to members.

Its core business is the technological development of business processes and the management of all issues related to Information & Communication Technologies.

It is a young and dynamic reality in which the experience of the Board is perfectly combined with the dynamism and preparation of the young team of product development and management.

The right tools. The right solution.

Our team can leverage various figures, including seo and sem specialists, social media accounts, web designers, programmers, project managers, sales accounts and web consultants.

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Digitalization tools

Innovative tools both from a technological and a methodological point of view that allow companies to start those innovation processes that allow them to create value, stay on the market, enter new markets, increase profitability, generate employment, increase competitiveness, as well as providing tools for easy business management.

Promotion and qualification tools

The AIAB brands provide added value by redeveloping, through the regulations that establish the technical, ethical and environmental requirements, organic products certified according to European standards for organic agriculture by placing AIAB brand products, excellence in organic farming, on the market.

Formation Centre

AIAB aims to promote the innovative processes necessary to support the strengthening of the Italian organic sector, expanding the skills of operators and knowledge on the production methods of organic agriculture, regulation and support policies and recent market dynamics. .


Aiab Srl also deals with the creation, set-up and management of various marketplace platforms including:
– FarmSuite
– Terre.Bio
– Godo
– Bio FVG

Consulting Services

AIAB Srl, has entered into agreements and conventions with specialized professionals in order to offer adequate services and advice for business management both for farms and for other types of organizations operating in the organic farming sector.

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Hours of development


  •  2020 – Ideation, design and development CeFAB (Organic Agriculture Training Centre), a platform designed to respond continuously to the demand for training in the field of organic cultivation, production and transformation.
    It operates at national level through a training offer characterized by advanced technical training and at regional level with a basic training offer for all interested in the world of organic.
  •  2021 – Ideation, design and development FarmSuite, management software for sales control and monitoring, at the service of organic farmers to support them in the ordinary management of their companies.
  •  2021 – Ideation, design and development Terre.Bio, multichannel marketplace, reference point of the organic market for the purchase of certified organic products. It’s a 2.0 farmer’s market that connects producers and end consumers.
  • 2021 – GODO Management (Organized Demand and Supply Group), a system for the sale of certified organic products.
  • 2021 – Management of the institutional website of AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture).
  • 2022 – Ideation, design and development of BIO FVG, portal of regional organic products (food, cosmetics, etc.), in which companies have access to a management space for sales channels, with a more intuitive and simple order management and payments.
  • 2022 – Ideation, design and development of the website of the Agropastoral Museum of the Hellenophone Area of Bova Marina.

  • 2022 – Ideation, design and development of the website with the e-commerce module of the Satyroi Cooperative.
  • 2022 – Ideation, design and development of the website with the e-commerce module of Satycom srl.

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